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The focus of this guide is on today's electronics, most of which are digital in nature, and the kinds of problems you're most likely to encounter. It might seem like there isn't that much one can service in modern digital gear, compared to the older analog circuitry. Dense boards populated by rows of chips with leads too close together even to poke at with a test probe don't seem like good repair candidates, do they? Luckily, those areas aren't where most failures occur, and there's still plenty of accessible circuitry to work on! In fact, some common problems in today's gear were rare or nonexistent in earlier technology, and they're quite reparable.

Exotic and very obsolete components and their associated products aren't covered in this guide. Electron tubes, once the mainstay of all electronics, are pretty much gone, so we won't spend time on their peculiarities and specific troubleshooting methods. If you want to repair tube-type guitar amplifiers, you can find books dedicated to them. Similarly, we won't be discussing microwave ovens, which also have tubes, or transmitting amplifiers of the sort used by amateur radio operators. Nor will we take more than a passing glance at cathode ray tube (CRT, or picture tube)- based TVs and monitors. The CRT had a good long run, from the 1940s until just a few years ago, but it's a dead technology, thoroughly supplanted by flat-panel displays.

Servicing CRT sets is rather dangerous, so please find a

- See more at: https://www.industrial-electronics.com/Diagnose-Repair-Elec_0.html#sthash.eAZpNxYW.dpuf

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