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About Bermo

Bermo city is located in Bermo block of Bokaro district in Jharkhand state of India. Bermo is block headquarters and located about 28 km distant from district headquarters Bokaro Steel City. Bermo has an average elevation of 214 meters above sea level. City of Bermo is mainly famous for its coal mining industry. Jharkhand state is rich in terms of coal mines and minerals. Being part of Bokaro district, Bermo also houses a number of coal mines and has abundance of coal. The Coal India Limited has its subsidiary CCL located at Bermo as major coal industry in this census town. Bermo is also considered to be one of the major political hubs of Jharkhand state.

About Bermo
About Bermo

Geography and Climate of Bermo

Bermo city lies at 85.87°E and 23.75°N at an elevation of 214 meters above sea level. The city is spread over 165.7 area sq km and comprises 19 panchayatas and 10 villages. Bermo is surrounded by Nawadih block in east, by Gomia block in west, by Bokaro block in north and by Kasmar block in south. Phusro, Tenu Dam-cum- Kathhara, Chandrapura and Gumia are the cities located nearby Bermo. Barai (7 km), Khetko (9 km), Bokaro (8 km), Chapri (7 km) and Kathara (8 km) are the nearby villages around Bermo. Climate of Bermo is warm and temperate. As per Köppen-Geiger system, climate of Bermo is classified as Csa. Average temperature remains around 25.2°C in this city. It receives annual precipitation with an average of approx. 1144 mm.

Economy of Bermo

Economy of Bermo mainly depends on its coal mining industry. The city is home to several coal mines and prominent of all is CCL, subsidiary of The Coal India Limited. Several other small scale industries are also present in this city.

Culture of Bermo

Festivals in Bermo
Culture of Bermo

Bermo is not much updated as compared to other modern cites of the state. Thus, people of this town still follow their traditional customs and rituals. Well, young generation is experimenting with new trends and updating with the time. People of all religions and social backgrounds live together with peace and harmony in this city. All famous national and regional festivals like Diwali, Holi, Dussehra, Eid, Ramnavmi, Basant Panchmi, Durga Puja, Saraswati Puja, Karma, Vishwakarma Puja, Christmas and Guru Purnima etc. are celebrated with much fervor by all sects in the city.

Administration in Bermo

Bermo is one of the 9 blocks of Bokaro as this district has been divided into 9 blocks for administrative purposes. These blocks are developmental units and each block has a Block Development Officer as representative of the district administration in the rural areas. Thus, BDO looks after overall administration in Bermo block.

BDO Bermo

Smt. Kriti Bala Lakra

Tourism in Bermo

When it comes to tourism in Bermo, coal mines are main attraction for the visitors. Apart from that Dhori Mata Mandir of Bermo is also famous among devotees and visitors as most popular devotional place in Bermo. Bokaro Steel city, Bokaro Steel Plant, Rajrappa Mandir, Aiyappa Mandir, Jagannath Temple etc. are some of the famous tourist spots present around Bermo.

Entertainment in Bermo

Entertainment in Bermo
Movie Hall

Major source of entertainment in Bermo is cinema and movies. In fact, hindi movies are quite popular among residents and cinema lovers especially. Meghdoot cinema is popular movie theatre as well as one of the most famous entertainment options available in this city.

Meghdooth Cinema
Address: Near DTDC Couriers, Megh Dooth Cinema Road, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-220206

Foods in Bermo

Being part of Jharkhand state, food habits of the people in Bermo is traditional. Staple food of this region mainly comprises rice, lentils, vegetables, chapatti and pickles. Though a number of local food joints are also present to serve all the food lovers in the city. With the emerging trend of fast food, several fast food corners have also opened in every nook and corner of the city. These food joints are much popular among fast food lovers especially.

Shopping in Bermo

Being a small town, at present there are no shopping malls and big markets present in Bermo city. But there are a number of local markets and shops present in this city to cater all the daily needs of the residents. A number of shopping spots for various particular purposes are present in the city. These famous shops in Bermo include gift shops, jewellery stores, electronics and home appliances stores, book stores, optical shops, garments shops and grocery stores etc.

Agarwal Fancy Stores

Address: Near Meghdooth Cinema, Meghdooth Cinema Road, Mahto Market, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-220274

Ravi Kumar Verma Jewellery Works
Address: 19, Near Railway Station, Station Road, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-242411

Trinetra Book Store
Address: Near Bir Kumar Singh Memorial Club, Kargali Bazaar, Bermo - 829144
Contact: 06549-220753, 09431539589

Mohammed Samim Ahmed Electronics
Address: 10, Near DVC Hospital, DVC Colony, Bermo - 829144
Contact: 06549-242587
Bharat Electronics
Address: 23, Near Khadi Bhandar, Phusro Bazaar, Bermo - 829144
Contact: 06549-220448

Anand Opticals
Address: Station Road, Choube Sayni Market, Near Railway Station, Bermo - 829144
Contact: 06549-242727, 09934509628

Garment Shops in Bermo

Garment Shops in Bermo
Apparel Store

Perfect dressing is compulsory for making one look awesome and confident. Thus, importance of attires cannot be neglected at all. This is the reason why clothing stores are one of the most necessary shops required at any place to cater fashion and clothes related needs of the residents. When it comes to buy clothes for men, women and kids, one can find a lot of options in the city of Bermo. The city is dotted with several garments shops selling all types of formal and casual wear for all age groups. Some of the famous clothing stores in Bermo are:

Kashmir Cloth Stores
Address: Near State Bank of India, Phusro Main Road, Phusro Bazaar, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-220375

Variety Stores
Address: 29, Near Megh Dooth Cinema, Megh Dooth Market, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-222125

Jagadish Agarwal Garments
Address: 9, Near Dughda Shopping Complex, Dughda Market, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-244026

Sahu Cloth Store
Address: New Market Road, Near DVC Hospital, DVC Colony, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-266725, 09431510180

Vikash Textiles
Address: 15, New Market, Near Hanumaan Mandir, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-244118

Grocery Stores in Bermo

Grocery stores meant a lot when comes to buy daily needs or household items as these stores play major role in arrangement of all types of daily need items. Thus, presence of grocery stores are must for convenient living at any place. Bermo also houses a number of departmental stores that are present in every nook and corner of the city. Some of the famous grocery stores in Bermo are:

Bhunka Stores
Address: New Road, Near LIC Office, Phusro Bazaar, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-220285

Renu Kumar Singh
Address: 3, Dugda Market, Near Hanumaan Mandir, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-244017

Sri Mukti Ram Agarwal
Address: 5, Dugda Market, Near Hanumaan Mandir, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-244022

Sri Makhan Lal Agarwal
Address: 7, Dugda Market, Near Hanumaan Mandir, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-244029

Pramod Store
Address: Near Kaali Mata Mandir, 23, Chandrapura, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-242313

Healthcare Services in Bermo

Hospitals in Bermo
Healthcare in Bermo

Proper health care services are vital for healthy living of the people in any society. In Bermo too, various hospitals, clinics, doctors, path labs and chemists are present to provide proper care facilities to the citizens in Bermo. Regional hospital of Dhori, the regional hospital of Kargali, and the hospital of Gandhi Nagar are three main hospitals in Bermo. Along with several other government and private hospitals, clinics are also located nearby the city. These health care centers include D.V.C Bermo Mines dispensary which is located near the Bermo Mines. Ambulance service is also available in the city and ambulance helpline is 102. Hence, one can easily call on the same number or helpline in case of any emergency or need of ambulance.

Dhori Regional Hospital

Address: O/C-3, Dhori, Near Telephone Exchange, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-220621

DMI Hospital
Address: FG Market, Near Ram Ratan High School, Phusro Bazaar, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-220287

DVC Hospital
Address: D-8, DVC Colony, Near DVC Colony Post Office, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-266981

Janta Dental Clinic
Address: 17, Church Road, Near St. Mary's Church, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-242243

Maa Seva Clinic
Address: Near Bhagalpur School, Bhagalpur School Road, Shastri Nagar, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-220349

Jagjeevanji Maharaj Eye Hospital
Address: Near Government Hospital, Thenu Road, Petrawar, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-265653, 265718

Kargali Regional Hospital
Address: Near Shiva Temple, 8, Kargali, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-221541

Dr. D. K. Gupta
Address: Near Government Hospital, Thenu Road, Petrawar, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-265653, 265609

Dr. Ajit Kumar Singh
Address: 8, Near Shiva Temple, Kargali, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-221541

Agarwal Labs & Clinic
Address: Station Road, Near Railway Station, Phusro Bazaar, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-220237

Petrawar X-Ray Clinic
Address: Near Hanumaan Mandir, Bokaro Ramgarh Road, Petrawar, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-265651, 265720
JP Enterprises
Address: Dhori Bus Stand Road, Near Dhori Bus Stand, Phusro Bazaar, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-221562

Pinky Medicals
Address: 23, Chandrapura, Near Sakuga Medical Hall, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-242226

Popular Medicals
Address: Bata Galli, Near Bata Shop, Phusro Bazaar, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-220445

Ashok Medical Hall
Address: Thenu Chowk, Bokaro Road, Petrawar, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-265658

Sakuga Medical Hall
Address: 26, Near Pinky Medicals, Chandrapura, Bermo- 829144
Contact: 06549-242223

Police in Bermo

As in other parts of the country, state police takes care of safety and security of the residents in Bermo. Police department keeps vigil on all criminal activities and any kind of suspicious activity in the region to prevent crime and criminal cases. Police station is present in Bermo to provide assistance and guidance to the people in the city of Bermo. Besides, police helpline is also operational in the city to provide timely and quick assistance to the people in Bermo.

PS Bermo

Contact: 220202

Police Helpline: 100

Utility Services in Bermo

Good network of utility services is necessary for providing all basic amenities to the citizens in any city or town. Bermo also avails various public and private utility services to felicitate basic amenities for its citizens. Though Bermo is a census town, there are only some basic utilities available for the residents. Banks, ATMS and postal services etc. are present in this city as part of utility services.

Postal Services in Bermo

Postal services are among those necessary services that are used for mailing, money order and communication purposes. Over the time, postal services have also upgraded and now small money savings, life insurance, instant money order and a plethora of such services are provided by the post offices nowadays. Bermo also has post office which serves as sub office and offers a wide range of postal services to the residents in the city.

Post Office:
Post Office Type: Sub Office (S.O.)
Pin Code: 829104
Contact Address: Postmaster, Post Office Bermo (Sub Office), Bokaro, Jharkhand (JH), India (IN), Pin Code: 829104

Banks in Bermo

Banking Services in Bermo
Banks in Bermo

Banks are one of the most important utility services required for banking and financial purposes. Mostly people trust banks for money savings and availing various financial services. In Bermo too, few banks are present to meet banking related all requirements of the residents. These banks offer all types of banking and financial services to the customers. Some of the famous banks in Bermo are:

UCO Bank
Address: UCO Bank Bermo Branch
Branch: Bermo
IFSC Code: UCBA0000247
Branch Code: 000247
MICR Code: 827028000
Contact: 06549-220305

State Bank Of India
Address: P O Bermo
Branch: DVC Bermo Colliery
IFSC Code: SBIN0006713
Branch Code: 006713
MICR Code: 827002512
Contact: 06549-220686

ATM Centers in Bermo

With the passing times, importance of ATM centers has increased rapidly. Nowadays, ATMs are mostly used for money transactions and other online banking facilities. Bermo also houses ATM counters serving customers with various ATM services. However, numbers of ATMs are quite low in this city but still ATM service can be availed in this part of Bokaro district.

Address: Near Bhuneshwar Singh Petrol Pump, Main Road, Phusro, Bermo
Bokaro, Jharkhand, India
Contact: +91 1800 103 5577

Transportation in Bermo

As compared to road and air connectivity, Bermo has good rail connectivity. Bermo Railway Station and Amlo railway station are the nearest railway stations to Bermo. Apart from that Bokaro Steel City Railway Station is major railway station located about 22 km away from Bermo city. Thus, Bermo is well connected with other parts of the country via rail network. Internal transportation in Bermo mainly depends on autos, cycle rickshaws and buses. Nearest major bus stand is situated at Bokaro. Nearest airports from Bermo are located at Ranchi (76 km) and Gaya (152 km).

Bermo at a glance

Block Name: Bermo
District: Bokaro
State: Jharkhand
Longitude: 85.87°E
Latitude: 23.75°N
Altitude: 214 meters above sea level
Languages Spoken: Hindi and Santali
Time Zone: IST (UTC+5:30)
STD Code: 06549
Pin Code: 829104

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